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Angkasapuri is a main governmental building for Malaysia’s Ministry of Information and also headquarters for Radio Television Malaysia (RTM). It is located on a hilltop along the Federal Highway near Pantai Baru. The building construction began on 1966 and completed on 1968.

Angkasapuri Building Features

  • Main Building – served for television
  • Wisma Radio – served for radio
  • International Broadcast Centre (IBC) – opened on 1998 and served for foreign international broadcast only


Angkasapuri was officially opened on 1968 by Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia’s first Prime Minister. The eight-storey building is recognised as a national heritage building. It is as old as Parliament House and is a landmark for outsiders to the city.

Previously, if you visit the RTM building, you can see the words Wawasan 2020 sit on it’s facade. These words were coined by our previous Prime Minister Tun Dato’ Dr.Mahathir Mohammed in the 80s. It means Vision 2020. He envisioned Malaysia to be a fully-developed country by the year 2020. Is it still there, or has it been removed as part of its upgrading works?

You can easily reach this historical building by commuter train and stop at the nearby Komuter station.

Angkasapuri Map & Location