Kuala Lumpur Attractions | Parliament Building – Bangunan Parlimen

The Parliament Building Kuala Lumpur is a building that truly symbolises the democratic system in Malaysia.

Built in September 1962, the building cost RM18 million and was the brainchild of Malaysia’s first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman.The building is located near the Lake Gardens, just right next to the Malaysian national monument, the Tugu Negara.

The building complex consists of two parts: the main building, which is a three-storey building, and its 18-storey tower annexe. Within the building are two national assembly halls: the Dewan Rakyat (Parliament) and Dewan Negara (Senate). Although the designs of the two halls are the same, the smaller Dewan Negara has nice stained glass windows with traditional Islamic motifs.

Bangunan Parlimen

The Parliament Building Kuala Lumpur is unique because it is covered by heat and light-absorbing glass. The most expressive part of the building is the precast concrete panelling that envelopes the 18-storey tower block.

The concrete carved ornamental patterns or kerawang control the amount of sunlight entering the building. It was installed piece by piece. Not only is the kerawang useful in the building’s environmental control, but it also adds grandeur to Parliament House.

How to get to the Parliament Building

The public may not enter without an authorisation letter. You’re are required to write a letter of application before visiting the place. There is also a dress code one must adhere to. All letters must be addressed to:

Secretary for Parliament
Parliamentary Department of Malaysia
Parliament Building
50680 Kuala Lumpur

You might not be allowed to enter the Parliament Building but you can still admire the building from far.

Parliament House of Malaysia Map & Location