Kuala Lumpur City Best Area | Bangsar Kuala Lumpur

Bangsar is a very popular residential and nighttime entertainment hubs in Kuala Lumpur. It’s the Kuala Lumpur’s rich crust and expatriates haven! It lies about four kilometres southwest of Kuala Lumpur city centre and is just a ten minutes drive by car from the city.

Fifty years ago, this part of KL was a rubber plantation. Then in the 1970s, it was developed as a housing suburb that catered to the baby boomers settling in Kuala Lumpur. As the children of these baby boomers grew up and formed a large part of the city’s young, upwardly mobile professionals, Bangsar, especially Bangsar Baru suddenly became a hip.

Bangsar is said to derived it’s name from Bunge, a Belgian, and Grisar, a Frenchman. Bunge and Grisar were the founders of a European company that ran the estate, Bunge-Grisar. The name of this estate was soon localised to Bungsar, and finally Bangsar. In those days, this area was owned by the plantation firm Socfin.

Today, this township is one of the trendiest commercial and residential addresses in Kuala Lumpur — and the preferred destination for those in search of pulsating nightlife. The streets, mainly in Telawi and Maarof, are littered with night clubs, pubs and bistros, making it one party area during the weekends.


You can do endless things in Bangsar. You can go shpping in some couture boutiques along Jalan Telawi or dine in one of the many gourmet restaurants or shopping for cars in the many high-end car dealerships.

It is also very famous for its nightlife haunts especially along Telawi Street. You can find a variety of night spots which includes expatriate bars, funky pubs, mini night clubs and elegant cafes.


Bangsar has a wide enough array of cuisine to satisfy your taste buds. It has a good spread of local food as well as international cuisine for you to choose from. There are Chinese, Indian, Malay, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, American and European.

As Bangsar is home to many of Kuala Lumpur’s rich crust of society and expatriates, there are many fine dining and international restaurants which include pubs, bars, grills, bistros, cafes, fast-food joints and coffee & ice cream parlors. Although the prices in these restaurants are much higher than other parts of Kuala Lumpur, these restaurants are packed night after night.

This area the best list of restaurants compared to anywhere else in the country!

You can also find cheap eateries such as Indian Muslim Mamak stalls, South Indian banana leaf restaurants and Malay warungs in Bangsar. There are also roadside stalls that serve drinks, local cakes, burgers and hotdogs and cut fruit.


This place is famous for its nightlife haunts especially along Telawi Street. You can find a variety of night spots which includes expatriate bars, funky pubs, mini night clubs and elegant cafes. On weekends, you can see the streets crawling with youngsters, young professionals, tourists and expatriates who come to enjoy the song, dance and drinks. If you travel further down Bangsar, you can reach Mont Kiara and Hartamas, two other popular areas for nightlife.


Bangsar Baru is probably the most well known and recognized part of Bangsar. Here, you can find coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs, banks, fashion boutiques, art galleries, video stores, bookshops and hairdressers.

If you’re looking for upmarket stuff, you can go to Bangsar Shopping Centre, which is Bangsar’s first shopping mall. You can also go to Mid Valley Megamall, one of Malaysia’s largest shopping malls, which is only a five minute drive away. A recent addition is Bangsar Village, a shopping mall which used to be the Hankyu Jaya and then Busana Mun Loong.

For luxury label cars, just walk along Jalan Maarof — it is lined by car showrooms and several interior designers and home-furnishing showroomse. You can find a few other smaller rows of shops distributed around Bangsar, namely those at Lorong Maarof, Jalan Bangkung and Lorong Kurau.

Health Care Facilities

Pantai Medical Centre, a private hospital is situated at Jalan Bukit Pantai. Universiti Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC), a public hospital is situated within five minutes drive, although access is through Petaling Jaya. There is also Pusat Kesihatan Umum Bangsar, along Jalan Bangsar, a government primary health care centre catering to the health needs of the residential area. As Bangsar residents are mostly an affluent lot, there are many private clinics spread throughout Bangsar to meet the health needs of the resident as well.

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