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Putrajaya is Malaysia’s new federal government administration centre while Kuala Lumpur remains as the financial and commercial capital of Malaysia. In an attempt to introduce an electronic government (paperless administration), Putrajaya has been integrated with the latest telecommunication and transportation technologies to increase the level of efficiency that it severely lacked due to its previous infrastructure.

The city is named after the first Malaysian Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra. In Bahasa Melayu, “Putra” means prince while “Jaya” means excellent or success. The city has only been raised recently and it is still undergoing massive development. Putrajaya was founded on October 19, 1995 and is located in the middle of the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC). Putrajaya is the third Federal Territory of Malaysia; the other two being Kuala Lumpur and Labuan.


The popular attractions is the structural design of its buildings that range from historical to modern day while adapting influences from all over the world. The Prime Minister’s Office Complex, Perdana Putra, mixes European elements with Islamic elements and the Putra Mosque blends the styles of Islamic countries such as Iran , Kazakhstan , Morocco and many more. Other places of interest would be the Seri Perdana, Millennium Monument and the Palace of Justice .

Putrajaya is also called the intelligent garden city because of its commitment to the preservation of nature. 70% of its landscape consists of gardens, lakes and parks. There are 13 different gardens ranging from botanical to wetland and the main landscape consists of a 600-hectre man made lake. There are 8 bridges within Putrajaya and two of the notable bridges include Putra Bridge which was inspired by the famous Khaju Bridge in Isfahan,Iran and the Seri Wawasan Bridge which is a modern cable-stayed bridge.

Here is the list of tourist attractions in Putrajaya:

  • Perdana Putra
  • Putra Mosque
  • Putra Bridge
  • Putrajaya Independence Square
  • Millennium Monument
  • Palace of Justice
  • Seri Perdana
  • Putrajaya Landmark
  • Putrajaya Wetlands Park
  • Putrajaya Convention Centre
  • Taman Selatan
  • Perdana Leadership Foundation
  • Melawati National Palace
  • Heritage Square
  • Putrajaya Ministry of Finance
  • Wisma Putra
  • Istana Darul Ehsan
  • Putrajaya Lake
  • Seri Perdana Bridge
  • Putra Bridge
  • Seri Wawasan Bridge
  • Seri Bakti Bridge
  • Seri Saujana Bridge
  • Seri Bestari Bridge
  • Seri Setia Bridge
  • Seri Gemilang Bridge
  • Monorail Suspension Bridge


There is a popular food court called Selera Putra located at the Dataran Putra, just next to the Putra mosque.


Despite being the government administrative district, Putrajaya also offers an array of leisure activities. It’s a place to relax and unwind while breathing in the beauty of the architecture and the landscape that surrounds it.


Alamanda Putrajaya is the one and only shopping centre within Putrajaya. The name ‘ Alamanda ‘ literally translates to “your world” in the English language. This large complex plays host to many local and international retail and food outlets.

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