Kuala Lumpur City Guide | Get Around Kuala Lumpur by Buses

Another alternative to get around Kuala Lumpur is by buses. Buses in Kuala Lumpur are quite comfortable, modern and air-conditioned. The service is comprehensive and it’s a quick and inexpensive way to get around.

Again… the buses may not be as efficient as you want it to be. But, it’s reliable enough to get you around KL.

Hop-On Hop-Off! Now you can enjoy Kuala Lumpur city in a luxury double decker that takes you around many interesting places at reasonable prices. The Kuala Lumpur Hop-On Hop-Off Bus is great as it takes you through 22 stops at only MYR45 (approximately USD11) and the ticket is valid for 24 hours upon purchase. That’s an awesome value for money!

If you’re staying longer in KL — do consider buying the prepaid MyRapid (www.myrapid.com.my) card. This prepaid card is valid on Rapid KL buses, the monorail and the Ampang and Kelana Jaya LRT lines. It costs RM20 (including RM5 in credit) and can be bought at monorail and LRT stations. Just tap at the ticket gates or when you get on the bus and the correct fare will be deducted.

Other bus companies that you may use are those that ply specialised suburban routes such as CityLiner, MetroBus (running west to Subang, Petaling Jaya (PJ) from KL city centre) and the Len Seng Omnibus Co. (running north to Batu Caves and Selayang). These bus companies use a fare-zoning system due to the distances covered by them.

Kuala Lumpur Survival Tips

The following KL survival tips should be able to help you get around Kuala Lumpur by buses.

  • KL buses adopted the “pay-as-you-board” system, so it is best if you have the exact change in hand.
  • Some buses use the ticket machine which does not return change, so be sure to have enough coins.
  • All City Shuttle buses can be identified by a red disk on the windscreen and side window near the front door. The bus routes are also numbered from 101 to 115.
  • City Shuttle buses depart from four “hubs”, all of them thankfully served by rail. They are KL Sentral (Kuala Lumpur’s main railway station), KLCC (where the Petronas Twin Towers are located), Titiwangsa (at the Pekeliling Bus Terminal) and Maluri (adjacent to the Maluri LRT station in an inner suburban area east of the city centre). Many routes converge at the heart of the city centre at a place called Medan Pasar.
  • Bangkok Bank, Kotaraya, Puduraya bus station, Central Market, Pasarama Kota bus station, Jalan Sultan Mohammad, Medan Pasar and Mydin are among the most important bus stops.

However, if you’re a newcomer and absolutely not familiar with the city routes, I think the KL buses network may be just a little too complicated for you to figure out.

If this is the case, I would recommend that you use the light rail transit which is a more relaxing way to get around Kuala Lumpur.

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