Kuala Lumpur City Guide | Kuala Lumpur Weather

Kuala Lumpur has a tropical rainforest climate which is hot and humid all year round. There is no cool season and it can rain at any time of the year — with most downpours and thunderstorms occurring in the morning and late afternoon.

During the heavy monsoon weather in Kuala Lumpur (November to March), city streets can flood, bringing traffic to a standstill. Humidity ranges from 96 per cent in the mornings to 65 per cent in the evenings.

Long sleeves, breathable clothing, sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses are recommended as the sunlight can be strong. If the heat is too strong you can go to the air-conditioned shopping centres to escape stifling mid-day heat.

Wet & Dry Seasons in Kuala Lumpur

There is no 4 seasons in Kuala Lumpur. You only need summer clothing in Kuala Lumpur!

The wet season lasts from November to March, with November being the wettest month of all. If you visit in November, you can expect it to rain on up to 20 days of the month, with a total rainfall of around 12 inches.

The dry season runs in from May to September, with the driest month of the year being June – with “just” 10 rainy days a month, and rainfall of around 4 inches.

Two Monsoons in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur experiences two monsoon periods:

  • March to April
  • October to November

November is the wettest month of all.  During monsoon season, it tends to rain in late afternoon.

Temperature in Kuala Lumpur

The temperature in Kuala Lumpur remains at a fairly constant 28-35°C all year round. You’re welcome to visit Kuala Lumpur any time of the year. Rain or not, you will enjoy all the indoor and outdoor attractions in Kuala Lumpur.

However, if you plan to visit some of Kuala Lumpur’s natural attractions — such as the famous Kuala Selangor fireflies — please come during the dry season.

Kuala Lumpur Weather in January – December

Here is a summary of the weather in Kuala Lumpur by months:

  • Kuala Lumpur weather in January — wet season | 28-35°C
  • Kuala Lumpur weather in February — wet season | 28-35°C
  • Kuala Lumpur weather in March — monsoon/wet season | 28-35°C
  • Kuala Lumpur weather in April — monsoon/wet season | 28-35°C
  • Kuala Lumpur weather in May — dry season | 28-35°C
  • Kuala Lumpur weather in June — dry season | 28-35°C
  • Kuala Lumpur weather in July — dry season | 28-35°C
  • Kuala Lumpur weather in August — dry season | 28-35°C
  • Kuala Lumpur weather in September — dry season | 28-35°C
  • Kuala Lumpur weather in October — monsoon/wet season | 28-35°C
  • Kuala Lumpur weather in November — monsoon/wet season | 28-35°C
  • Kuala Lumpur weather in December — monsoon/wet season | 28-35°C

Kuala Lumpur Weather 7-day Forecast

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