Kuala Lumpur Food Must Eat | Lip Smacking Local Delights

Kuala Lumpur has lots of lip-smacking food — ranging from savory sea delicacies, local delights, spicy Thai and exquisite Japanese. Yummy. Delicious. Irresistible.

You can taste them all. Kuala Lumpur's multi-racial population of Malay, Chinese, Indian and other races have each passed on their own favourite recipes, ensuring an interesting and wide range of cuisines for you to choose from.

Each race has their own unique cuisine but all share a common feature at the table — RICE.

Rice is cooked in a variety of ways, is the staple food of Malaysians and appears at almost every meal along with a number of accompanying dishes.

A typical Malaysian meal would consist of rice, two or three vegetables and a meat or a fish dish. Chilies, spices, curries and coconut milk are used to add pleasures to your taste buds.

If you are a fan of spicy food then Malay, Nyonya and Indian delights are good choices. If your taste buds are favoring milder flavours then Chinese food is the best choice.

It's really a challenge to choose among all Kuala Lumpur's endless food offerings. I have narrowed it down to the top 11 most popular Kuala Lumpur food to get you started.


Have a taste of nasi lemak – an authentic Malay cuisine. The rice is cooked in coconut milk for a creamy fragrance and served with spicy sambal, crispy ikan bilis (anchovies), hard-boiled egg, fried peanuts and cucumber slices.

That’s just the ‘biasa’ or basic ofering — you can pile curries and meat dishes on top of that. Simply irresistible.

Kuala Lumpur Food


A yummy Indian cuisine. The breakfast favorite of Malaysians. It is a pancake made from wheat-flour dough, sizzled on a heated pan and served with a curry dip, Dhal (bean curry) or chicken / mutton curry.

Kuala Lumpur Food

This Indian flat bread can be enjoyed several ways — with curry, or slices of bananas (roti pisang) or sardines in tomato sauce (roti sardin) folded within. Try it dipped in dhall and sugar too.


A tantalizing noodle dish served in curry, chicken slices, juicy cockles, tofu puffs, long beans and bean sprouts for a surprisingly good treat.

Kuala Lumpur Food


Assam Laksa is a tamarind-based soup noodles with chunks of fish is an explosion of flavours that’s bound to make you sweat, and want more.  Simply spicy, sour and savoury!

Kuala Lumpur Food


Bananas oh bananas! Try our pisang goreng — battered and deep-fried bananas. You can also try the banana fritters topped with a variety of sauces, from cheese to chocolate, strawberry and butterscotch.


This bright green or emerald hue jelly-like dish is served in coconut milk sweetened with gula Melaka (coconut palm sugar) syrup under a heap of crushed ice. Creamed corn, boiled red beans and glutinous rice can be added to this dessert


Steaming hot rice served on a banana leaf, with at least two types of vegetables, cucumber raita, your choice of protein, and ladles of curries to douse the grains in. You don’t eat the leaf, but everything on it will be highly satisfying.


A luscious Chinese cuisine. Savory flat rice noodles stir-fried with minced garlic, fresh prawns, bean sprouts, cockles and eggs, seasoned with soy sauce and chili paste.


Try the Hainanese chicken rice. Enticing rice cooked in chicken stock – served with grilled chicken, garlic, chili sauce, cucumber slices and coriander. Simply delicious.


Rich fried rice with bits of meat, prawns, egg and vegetables. There are many choices of nasi goreng such as nasi goreng cina, nasi goreng kampung, nasi goreng ayam and even nasi goreng USA!


Delectable salad of cucumber, pineapple, bean curd, prawn fritters and boiled egg – served with hot peanut sauce.



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