Kuala Lumpur Library – Perpustakaan Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur Library was formerly known as the Kuala Lumpur Memorial Library. It opened its doors to the public on June 15, 2004. If you love books and literatures… this is the place to be!

The library had changed its name during the 26th City Day celebrations in 2000 and has since moved from its previous location at 92, Jalan Raja to its new premises at 1, Jalan Raja.

The Kuala Lumpur Memorial Library was formerly the Government Printing Office building. The Government Printer, J Russell, helped the Public Works Department architects in designing the ideal printing office which includes a structural support system of cast iron columns and trusses.

Kuala Lumpur Library

I guess, this is necessary to allow for open interior to house the large printing press machines.

If you look carefully, the style of the Government Printing Office contrasts with that of the other government buildings. The outer wall is of exposed bricks with plastered columns. The upper parts of the ground floor windows are semi-circular and decorated with keystones.

How To Get To Kuala Lumpur Library

Canopy roofs were added to the building in the 1940s. The last renovation was in 1986 but the canopy roofs remain intact!

The basement area of the Kuala Lumpur Libray houses an auditorium, conference area and a multipurpose hall, which is available for rent for social and community events. Galeri Kuala Lumpur, which is located on the ground floor are being used for exhibitions.

So, how can you go to the Kuala Lumpur library? Easy!

Kuala Lumpur Library is strategically located in the city centre. Just next to the former Pan Pacific Kuala Lumpur building and the Kuala Lumpur History Museum . It’s also just a short walk away from the Royal Selangor Club, Dataran Merdeka and Plaza Putra.

So… what are you waiting for? Just walk you way to this amazing architectural masterpiece!

Kuala Lumpur Library currently has about 45,000 books. There are children’s books as well as books on management, computers, architecture, reference and fiction.

And they’re stocking the library with more and more books for your reading pleasure. I think, once fully equipped, Kuala Lumpur Library can stock more than 120,000 books on various subjects.

The First In The City

There is an interesting fact about Kuala Lumpur Library. At least, I thought so….

It is the first in the city to use advanced technological services like the MyKad for registering members!

Kuala Lumpur Library also encourages you to use Meps Cash for surfing the Internet, using the photocopier, printing and payment for services and fines.

To borrow a book, just head to the first floor, where you can find a collection of books available for everybody. The first floor includes a reading area with newspapers, magazines and periodicals and comfortable seats.

Music & Audio Visuals

The reference section is located on the second floor with Internet services, e-Books, e-Journals, a music section and audiovisuals as well as the Virtual Reality area at the dome area.

At the Virtual Reality section, you can access three subjects: aquarium life, human anatomy and Kuala Lumpur city.

There’s also a young adult collection and a special collection on Kuala Lumpur while the music section caters for people who want to enjoy music while they read. You can listed to music via the Mobile Audio Player (MAP). However, there are only 10 units of MAP available for use.

You need inform the library staff of the songs you wish to listen to in advance. This is important so that the songs can be downloaded for your listening pleasure.

So… jusy choose from evergreen songs, patriotic numbers, traditional Malay music, rock and pop, jazz and blues and other songs that relate to Kuala Lumpur, the Garden City of Lights!

Kuala Lumpur Library Map & Location

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