Kuala Lumpur Museums

Interested in learning more about Kuala Lumpur cultures and heritage? Let’s visit Kuala Lumpur museums to find out more! Visiting the museums while travelling through the city allows you to learn more about the city’s culture, history and heritage.

There are a few interesting museums with amazing displays in Kuala Lumpur for you to explore. You can choose to add all of the museums to your itinerary.

Museums in Malaysia have started since 1883 when the British government established the Perak Museum in Taiping, and followed by the Sarawak Museum in Kuching in 1888. The Selangor state has then set up its own museum in 1899.

In 1910, the management of the Perak Museum and Selangor Museum were merged under the Federation of Malay State Museums Department. However, the management was separated by the British ruler as a system towards decentralization in 1930.

National Museum Kuala Lumpur | Muzium Negara Kuala Lumpur

The first of all Kuala Lumpur museums you should definitely check out is the National Museum. Here you can find various displays of Malay artifacts and heritages. The country’s National Museum is located just outside the Lake Gardens (Taman Tasik Perdana) along Jalan Damansara and boasts an attractive palatial-styled structure using old Malay architecture.

The museum was set up in 1963 to serve as a repository of Malaysia’s rich cultural heritage and as the centre for spreading knowledge on the country’s historical past.

National Visual Art Gallery Kuala Lumpur | Balai Seni Visual Negara Kuala Lumpur

If you want to check out a bit of arts, just head for Kuala Lumpur National Visual Art Gallery, where you can view works of art by local, as well as international artists.

The National Visual Art Gallery is located within the premises of the former Majestic Hotel, along Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin overlooking the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station.

Bank Negara Money Museum Kuala Lumpur | Muzium Matawang Bank Negara Kuala Lumpur

Money…. money… money! You can see it all at Bank Negara Money Museum Kuala Lumpur. The Kuala Lumpur money museum displays a wide variety of coins and bank notes with emphasis on the evolution of money during various stages of Malaysian history, as depicted by various artifacts, medals, tokens, coins and banknotes used for trade exchange.

You can also find commemorative coins and rare items on display. Most of the items were obtained through auctions, direct purchases from individual collectors and also from donations.

Islamic Arts Museum Kuala Lumpur | Muzium Kesenian Islam

Islamic Arts Museum Kuala Lumpur is the region’s first museum dedicated solely to Islamic art. This brilliant Malaysian-designed building reflects the elegance of Islamic architecture. The most striking feature is the five domes. You can view four of the domes from the exterior, however, the fifth dome which has unique inverted design, can only be viewed from inside the building.

This Kuala Lumpur museum houses up to 6,000 artifacts including samples of Islamic metalwork and ceramics.

Pucuk Rebung Museum | Muzium Pucuk Rebung Kuala Lumpur

The Pucuk Rebung Museum Kuala Lumpur is packed with artifacts dating back over a thousand years, and the variety of displays ranges from items made out of wood, crystal, metal, glass and so on. It is a unique and interesting place if you love museums, arts and crafts, and historical artifacts.

Telekom Museum Kuala Lumpur | Muzium Telekom Kuala Lumpur

The Telekom Museum Kuala Lumpur is a neo-classical Greek-styled 1928 building that acts as a storehouse for various telecommunication equipment.

The equipment on display here dated all the way back to pre-war years. You can even find a set of the first type of telephone to be used in the country. The Telekom Museum exhibits also trace all 120-plus years of world telecommunications history.

Asian Art Museum Kuala Lumpur | Muzium Seni Asia Kuala Lumpur

The Asian Art Museum Kuala Lumpur or Muzium Seni Asia was officially opened in 1980 and is housed inside a three-storey building situated between the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Economics and Administration, within the compounds of the University of Malaya, a highly prestigious Malaysian university. The museum contains 2,000 over ceramics pieces from Malaysia, Thailand, Khmer, Vietnam, China, Japan, India and Iran.

Aboriginal People Museum Kuala Lumpur | Muzium Orang Asli Kuala Lumpur

The Orang Asli are the aboriginal people of Peninsular Malaysia, with an estimated population of over 60,000. They still lead a simple yet fascinating lifestyle.

You can explore and learn their history, ancient customs and traditions and their social and economic development at the Muzium Orang Asli Gombak, located about 24km away from Batu Caves.

National Planetarium Kuala Lumpur | Planetarium Negara Kuala Lumpur

Interested in learning space sciences? National Planetarium is definitely the place to go!

National Planetarium or Planetarium Negara, is a majestic building made up of a beautiful blue-domed structure, located on top of a hill at Jalan Perdana.

The Planetarium Negara was officially opened on 7th February 1994 and consist of Space Theatre, Space Science Exhibit, Resource Centre, Viewing Gallery and an Observatory Park.

Royal Malaysian Armed Forces Museum | Muzium Angkatan Tentera Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

It has always been the Armed Forces’ aspiration to set up an Armed Forces Museum since the early 1950s. However, the collection of artifacts for the museum only began in 1961 at the encouragement of General Tunku Osman Tunku Mohd Jewa.

From that moment on, efforts were made by the Armed Forces to make the project a success. For starters, the old “Wade Wing” barracks was converted into the first building for the museum.

Royal Malaysian Air Forces Museum | Muzium Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

Royal Malaysian Air Force Museum Kuala Lumpur displays old photographs, model aircraft, uniforms,
weapons, dioramas and other air force paraphernallia.

There are about 18 phased-out aircraft that you can discover such as the Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer, a Scottish Aviation Single Pioneer, a Hunting Piston Provost, a DeHavilland Dove, and a CAC Avon Sabre jet.

Royal Malaysian Police Museum | Muzium Polis Diraja Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

The Royal Malaysian Police Museum is one of the many interesting Kuala Lumpur museums. It is located at Jalan Perdana, between the National Mosque and Lake Gardens. The museum was opened in 1961 and displays several thousand interesting items related to crime and crime prevention, artifacts and documents.

You will find amazing collection of everything to do with the Malaysian Police, from the sultanate through to the modern day, describing events and displaying the memorabilia.

Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) Museum | Muzium Penyelidikan Perhutanan Malaysia

The FRIM Museum Kuala Lumpur offers you a unique collection of Malaysia’s rich forest heritage and a wide variety of wood (their usage and products). You can explore the park by walking through 1,500 hectares of natural reserve land.

The museum located in Kepong is open daily from 8am to 4.30pm. The park is open daily from 5am to 7.30pm.

National Science Centre Kuala Lumpur | Pusat Sains Negara Kuala Lumpur

The National Science Centre Kuala Lumpur is located at Bukit Kiara and was officially opened on 29th November 1996. This green dome-shaped building is a place where you can encounter many hands-on interactive science exhibits.

These exhibits are spread across nine different galleries which are designed to stimulate your mindsets and encourage you to take an active interest in science and technology.

National History Museum Kuala Lumpur | Muzium Sejarah Negara Kuala Lumpur

National History Museum Kuala Lumpur was opened on 4th April 1996. The museum is a new tourist attraction based on the ‘edutainment’ concept introduced by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism.

Once a former commercial bank way back in 1910, the National History Museum is currently administered to by the Department of Museum and Antiquities.

P.Ramlee Memorial Library | Pustaka Peringatan P.Ramlee Kuala Lumpur

Do you know P.Ramlee? Who is this man that deserved a special memorial dedicated to his works?

P.Ramlee is a great Malay artiste who was also a motivated director, song writer and entertainer. P. Ramlee was a name that pushed the growth of Malaysia’s music and film movement during the 50s.

His films and songs are appreciated and enjoyed by today’s younger generations and remain a favorite with the local majority. P. Ramlee was a unique and special person that the National Archive of Malaysia decided to renovate the home he used to live in and transform that into today’s Pustaka P.Ramlee Memorial Library (Pustaka Peringatan P.Ramlee).

Performing Arts Costume Gallery | Galeri Kostum Seni Lakonan Kuala Lumpur

Performing Arts Costume Gallery Kuala Lumpur offers you a wide range of colorful costumes that have been used in the various local traditional theatre, such as Bangsawan, Mak Yong, Randai and the Bandaraya theatre from Sabah. The admission is free.

Petrosains Kuala Lumpur

Petrosains Kuala Lumpur is located in the heart of bustling Kuala Lumpur and housed within Suria KLCC,
Petronas Twin Towers. This is a perfect place for you to experience the wonders of science and technology. Here, at Petrosains you can learn the involvement of Malaysia in the petroleum industry.

Sultan Alam Shah Museum | Muzium Sultan Alam Shah

Sultan Alam Shah Museum displays exquisite artifacts of Selangor, it’s history, amazing cultures, the Selangor Sultanate, arts and sports. The museum is located at Persiaran Perdagangan in Shah Alam, Selangor. You can visit the Sultan Alam Shah Museum daily from 9.30am – 5.30pm. It is closed on Mondays.

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