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Deers are gentle, intelligent wild creatures. And, you can see them all in the KL Deer Park, including the Malaysia’s most famous deer, the kancil or mousedeer!

The kancil has a place in local legends and history. And, one of these stories involves the founding of Malacca.

This is a bit of history. Circa AD1400, exiled prince Parameswara stopped to rest by a river when he saw a white mousedeer turn on his hunting dogs and frighten them away. He chose this spot, where the weak could vanquish the strong, to establish a settlement. He named the place after the malacca tree where he had stopped to rest. And, that’s how Malacca was born!

Taman Rusa

The mousedeer is also a very popular character in Malaysian folktales for its cunning wit. According to the legend, despite its small size, the kancil was able to fool many other greater animals such as the tiger, the crocodile and the snake.

Kuala Lumpur Deer Park is a beautiful place located in the undulating slopes and sprawling valley of the Lake Gardens. The landscaping has been well thought out and lush trees and shrubs planted to ensure that the habitat is cooling and peaceful. There are also ponds around the park.

It is interesting to see hinds, does and fawns, representing some of the smaller species, roaming freely in the deer park.

Admission: Free

Opening Hours

Weekdays 9am – 6pm
Weekends & Public Holidays 9am – 6pm