Kuala Lumpur Natural Attractions | Kuala Lumpur Orchid Garden – Taman Orkid KL

Orchid lovers? Come and enjoy the beautiful blooms at the Orchid Garden in Kuala Lumpur. Known as the world’s most beautiful flower, the orchid is truly exotic and special!

There are many rare species of orchid around the world. And, at the Kuala Lumpur Orchid Garden, you can see about 3,000 orchid species from around the world, with 800 species from Malaysia alone.

Wild Orchid In The City

This is the place where you can pick up tips on how to manage these beautiful flowers. You can also buy specimens back to try and make them thrive in your own home. If you are visiting over the weekend, you may also purchase cut flowers and plants to beautify your home’s interior.

Two main types of wild orchid and hybrid orchids – the epiphytic orchids commonly grown in pieces of bricks, charcoal, Styrofoam pellets, fern roots and the terrestrial variety which grow and flower on the ground.


The flower structure of orchids gives them their character. Some are tiny and singular. Others are elongated with numerous blossoms.

Wild orchid plants are usually much smaller than their commercially-grown hybrid counterparts. The tiger orchid (the world’s largest at up to 3m) is a random but magnificent sight of hundreds of hefty yellowish flowers pockmarked with maroon blots.

An adjoining section is devoted to the hibiscus, Malaysia’s national flower. This is a small terraced garden, which provides a strikingly colourful panorama of 2,000 of rare and exotic blooms ranging from the single petal variety to multiple petal varieties in a range of colours and shades.

The hibiscus garden has over 40 types of local-hybrid hibiscus and more than 65 types of overseas-hybrid hibiscus. Many unique shapes and colors of hibiscus are found here, each fully bloomed flower last only a day.

Open: 9am – 6prn (Daily)
Admission: Free
(except on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: RM1)