Kuala Lumpur Seafood Restaurant | Q Thai Village Seafood & Steamboat Buffet Restaurant – Eat All U Can!

Looking for some delicious, spicy, Halal Thai food in Kuala Lumpur? Try the Q Thai Village Seafood & Steambot Buffet Restaurant located in various areas in KL.

You have a variety to choose from Q thai’s halal menu of over 150 food items ranging from Individual plates to Authentic Thai Ala Carte cuisines.

Q Thai Seafood Restaurant

“Our food is more towards Thai cuisines that are spicy and sour to suit our customer’s tastes and preferences,” says Q Thai executive director.

Q Thai’s Buffet Steamboat with Sizzling BBQ is a must try. There are an adiitional of  16 marinated seafood & meats in 4 style herb & spices on top of 150 varieties of steamboat items for you to enjoy.

Q Thai offers different packages to suit customers needs and above, customers can select the Buffet Thai Steamboat & Sizzling BBQ @ RM38++ per adults / RM 21++ per child or Buffet Thai Steamboat Sizzling & Smoke BBQ @ RM 48++ per adults / RM 27++ per child. Grab the discounted price during happy hours from 4pm – 8pm!

Q Thai Seafood Restaurant

This seafood buffet at Q Thai Restaurant is not only about raw seafood,meats , lots of veggies , varieties of mushrooms, noodles that may be you never know the existence but also with ready cooked dish , plenty of sweet desserts and yummy ice cream. Not forgetting our HOMEMADE SATAY.

Q Thai also has the Thailand Traditional authentic cuisine like Pla Sam Rod( Thai 3 Taste Deep Fried Fish), Kaw Pad Sapparod (Pineapple Fried Rice) , Yam Mamuang (Mango Salad) and lots more.

Q Thai Seafood Restaurant

The menus is served in individual or family plates suitable for lunch & dinner yet can beserved in Buffet to suite your events.

On top of the Thai Authentic Cuisine, they also do serving Portuguese Ikan Bakar & Western Cuisine under their Restoran Atap Atap brand name. There’s also a touch of Nyonya Cuisine.

Q Thai Seafood Restaurant

At Restoran Atap Atap guest can enjoy also over 150 menus of Modern Portuguese Ikan Bakar, Seafood Bakar and lots of Ala Carte Dishes. Spicy homemade Portuguese Sauce accompanied with fresh seafood and veggies fold in aluminium foil and cooked to perfection on hot plate. Their Western consist of 16 choices with varieties sauce for guest to enjoy.

Q Thai Seafood Buffet includes (with over 150 items):

  • Soup: tom yam and chicken
  • 16 types of marinated seafood and meat for BBQ
  • 30 types of frozen seafood balls and frozen food
  • 15 types of seafood and meat for steamboat
  • 12 types of fresh and dry noodles
  • 15 types of vegetables
  • 8 types of mushrooms
  • 8 types of ready-to-eat authentic Thai dishes
  • 12 types of grilled, sizzling, and fried chicken, beef, and lamb
  • 15 types of fresh and homemade steamed dim sum
  • 9 types of fresh fruits and rojak buah
  • 6 types of ice cream

Q Thai Seafood Restaurant

Q Thai Seafood & Steambot Buffet Restaurant Map & Location

1) Q Thai Village — Serving: Ala Carte Thai & Buffet Steamboat BBQ

No G13A & G15, Dagang Avenue, Jalan Dagang B/3A,

Taman Dagang, 68000 Ampang, Selangor

Tel : 03-42703562 (Zozo)

Operation Hours: 11am- 1am (Everyday Open)

2) Q Thai Waterfront — Serving: Ala Carte Thai & Buffet Steamboat BBQ

Lot 1&2, Jalan AWF3A,Ampang Waterfront,

68100 Ampang Selangor.

Tel : 03-42914579 (Aznan) Fax: 03-42918293

Operation Hours: 11am- 1am (Everyday Open)

3) Q Thai Avenue Nilai — Serving: Ala Carte Thai & Buffet Steamboat BBQ

A26,First Floor,9 Avenue,

Taman Korporat, putra Nilai,

71800 Nilai,Negeri Sembilan.

Tel : 06-7999569 (Ameng) Fax: 06-7999570

Operation Hours: 11am- 1am (Everyday Open)

4) Q Thai Cyberjaya — Serving: Ala Carte Thai only

Lot X.The Street Mall

Persiaran Multimedia,

63000 Cyberjaya Selangor.

Tel : 03-83189099 (Shah)

Fax: 03-83189097

Operation Hours: 11am- 10pm(Everyday Open)

5) Q Thai The Weld Restaurant — Serving: Ala Carte Thai only

L1-02A&02b,Level 1,The Weld,

76,Jalan Raja Chulan,

50200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel : 03-20268657 Fax:03-20268658

Operation Hours: 10am- 10pm(Everyday Open)

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