National Textile Museum | Headdress Exhibition – Beauty and Power ( 26 Apr 2016 to 25 Feb 2017)

Headgear, headwear or headdress is the name given to any element of clothing which is worn on one’s head.

Headgear is used for a variety of reasons, including protection, keeping hair contained or tidy, fashion, modesty, religious identity, orthodontic correction, and self-expression.

National Textile Museum

Malaysia is a multi-racial country which is rich with unique cultural diversity — including different type of beautiful headdresses.

You can have a closer look at all of these awesome traditional headdresses during the Headdress Exhibition: Beauty and Power (Pameran Hiasan Kepala:Kecantikan dan Kuasa) at Kuala Lumpur National Textile Museum from 26 Apr 2016 to 25 Feb 2017.

National Textile Museum


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