National Zoo Kuala Lumpur | Zoo Negara ABCs for Everyone!

Let’s visit Zoo Negara, the Malaysian national zoo in Kuala Lumpur!

I have been to Zoo Negara once as a child so many years ago. And, I went there again (with hubby and Izzah) a couple of months back. I never thought visiting a zoo could be so fun, but it was really fun!! Just packed enough food and drinks (or you can buy at various cafes in the zoo) because you’re gonna be very thirsty and hungry.

Before you go there, let me walk you through what will you see and experience in Zoo Negara Kuala Lumpur. There are two entrances at Zoo Negara Kuala Lumpur, Entrance A and Entrance B.

Entrance A is the first entrance that you will see upon entering Zoo Negara compound. There are ample parkings but if the parking is full, you can proceed to Entrance B’s carpark which is a further up the road.

This Zoo Negara ABCs for Everyone will walk you through the Zoo Negara’s excitements from Entrance A.

A = A ride to every corner!

If you think you don’t have much energy walking the huge 120 acres Zoo Negara, you can get a mini tram ride just in front of the entrance. The little trams will bring you to every corner of the zoo.. without you feeling so exhausted.

But, I would suggest you to walk as the experience will be much more fun!

B = Be gone adults, this is Children’s World!

Kids, you have your own world in Zoo Negara Kuala Lumpur! There are many animals in Children’s World that will keep you fascinated. There are soft-fur rabbits, quacking ducks, colorful birds and even chickens. that’s a duck quacking not a chicken…apologize this confuse lady will ya…ha..ha

Anyway, the Children’s World is indeed a wonderful world for children. It has Mini Aviary, Fish Pond, Miniature Horse Barn and a playground for the restless!

C = Come and see Multi-Animal Show!

If you’re visiting Zoo Negara Kuala Lumpur during these hour, 11.00 am & 3.00 pm.. you’ll get to see the amazing Multi-Animal Show at Animal Show Amphitheater.

When the show begins, you will be surprised by the sound of birds flying freely in front of you. A bird might get lost from the flying formation and perch on your head…ha..ha

During the Multi-Animal Show, you will see a smart parrot showing his skills in gymnastic, playing basketball and even take money from you! You will also see the slick South African sea lion throwing some silly antics with his trainer.

D = Do stop at the Oldest Public Aquarium!

Yes, the oldest public aquariums (Akuarium Tunku Abdul Rahman) in Malaysia is at Zoo Negara Kuala Lumpur!

It features the country’s first ever exhibition on the Malaysian River Journey, which features aquatic fauna and flora from the top of the highlands right down to the sea. Fishy and fun!

E = Encounter a big bee at the Bee Museum!

Perhaps, we already know about the healing power of honey produced by bees.

So, here at the Bee Museum (yes, it’s in Zoo Negara!), you can learn everything from bee breeding to raw honey extracting. It’s all about bee!

F = Freeze at the Bear Complex!

There are four types of bears here – the Asiatic Black Bear, Brown Bear, Sloth Bear and our very own Malaysian Sun Bear.

Just go to the Bear Complex in Zoo Negara and see whether you can spot the bear house. It was cute to see some black bears sleeping in the holes of their tree house. Sleeping is the most naturally thing bear do!

G = Go meet the Amphibians and Reptiles!

I don’t really like a close-encounter with the cold-blooded amphibian and reptile creatures, but this is a good place to introduce them to your kids. Slimy toads and frogs, sleeky snakes and super cute tortoises are some that you can see and touch…ewwww!

Oh..don’t forget to say hello to the huge, meat-eating reptiles with a long, tapered snout especially the Malayan False Gharial (buaya jenjulung) as well… ha..ha

H = Here I come, Savannah Walk!

Savannah what? Savannah is a place where rolling grassland scattered with shrubs, isolated trees and lots of wild animals such as antelopes, giraffes, zebras, ostriches and rhinos.

You don’t have to go to Africa to experience the actual Savannah plains because it’s all here in Zoo Negara Kuala Lumpur. It’s a ‘fake’ Savannah but the zebras here are REAL zebras not donkeys painted to look like zebra okeh!

I = I need a rest!

Perhaps it’s time for you to take a short break from walking because you already covered half of the Zoo upon reaching Savannah Walk.

There are a number of zoo huts around the zoo for you and your family to have a break. Try locating the air-conditioned ones!

J = Join the fun with an Orang Utan at the Ape Center!

The Ape Centre is one of the coolest location in the zoo.. by ‘coolest’ I mean the environment is cool not hot because of it’s lush greenary all around.

Here you can see the Bornean and Sumatran Orang Utans and Chimpanzees, roam freely in ample space area.

K = Kiss the camel?

Nahh.. I’m kidding. No camel kissing here please..ha..ha..ha

Camel ia as animal that has distinctive fat deposits known as humps on its back. I’m not sure whether they still offer camel ride in Zoo Negara, but you can ask!

L = Lots of mammals at the Mammal Kingdom!

Have you ever seen rare jungle cats such as the Golden Cat and Flat-Headed Cat? How about Capybaras, the largest rodent in the world?

Well, you can see all these unique creatures here in the Mammal Kingdom. If you are lucky, you may even meet some otters and porcupines!

M = Meet the tiger too!

Panthera tigris (a fancy name for a tiger) is a normal animal in any zoo.

You can watch the tigers either roaming around in their enclosure or just sleeping under the shades. No tiger ride here okay!

N = Nice lions! Nice lions!

Hola! The African lions in Zoo Negara Kuala Lumpur are of course nice to see.

Do you know that the king of the jungle in this zoo has been adopted by the Lion Group under a sponsorship programme costing RM17,000 per annum which covers feeding, medication and maintenance of the lion? Lucky lions!

O = Oh wow! Gibbons got a private island!

Yes! Zoo Negara does have a ‘Gibbon Island’ where a family of gibbons is let loose.

Isn’t that amazing?

P = Plenty of deers at the deer park!

There are three species of deer in Zoo Negara: Rusa Deer, Sambar Deer and Swamp Deer.

Although these deers are quite similar in appearance, there are actually three species with their own unique traits!

Q = Quick stop at the bird house!

Zoo Negara Kuala Lumpur has over than 100 species of birds from all around the world.

Just walk into the bird house (also known as bird’s aviary) and see lots and lots of free flying birds.

Try and spot the tiny birds on a tree if you can!

R = Really cool wallabies and kanggaroos!

Good day mate! Let’s meet the marsupial family of Zoo Negara, shall we? Here you can find Kanggaroo, Wallabies and Pandemelons which are all Australians…ha..ha

Kanggaroo is the biggest of all three species. Wallaby is a medium-sized while Pandemelons is a miniature sized Kangaroo and smallest of the three.

S = Snap some photo with animals!

Did I tell you that you can snap some pictures with certain animals in the zoo? Yes, you can can!

Just look for the Photo Corner sign during the specific time (10.30 am and 4pm) and approach the keeper! If you’re brave enough you can snap a picture with the mighty phyton!!

T = Time to rest again!

By now we have covered 90% of the Zoo Negara’s area.

So, it’s time to rest again!

U = Uh! Irresistible pony ride for children!

Kids!! Get a pony ride and have fun!

V = Very beautiful lake and amazing lake birds!

Do you know that Zoo Negara is a home to over than 300 free roaming birds in it’s lake? The birds are free to roam and they fly as far as Shah Alam before returning in the evening to the Zoo to roost.

There are two islands in the middle of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Lake in the zoo and you can see painted storks, ibises, swans, pelicans and many more bird species especially during feeding time.

Oh.. watch out also for the Milky Storks which is the proud of Zoo Negara. This zoo is the only zoo in the world that has bred more than 100 Milky Storks!

W = Wonderful tricks of the elephants!

A zoo without elephant is not a zoo! Here in Zoo Negara you can meet three gigantic Malaysian elephants fondly known as Siti, Sibol and Triang.

If you’re lucky, you might get a chance to pat their trunk or even feed them with sugarcane or bananas!

X = X-tra picture with the giraffe!

You have seen the giraffe roam freely at the Savannah Walk and now you can actually get much closer to these tall animals and snap some picture with them!

Y = Yummy food at Zoo caffe

And, now you have completed the tour of Zoo Negara!!

Feeling hungry anyone? Let’s get some mouth watering food at cafes near the zoo’s exit.

Delicious fast food, yummy finger food and western delicacies, delicious ice creams and dessert are some of the food that could grab after a fun tour in the zoo. Need to cool down? Get some Ais Kacang!

Z = Zoo Negara’s souvenirs to bring home!

The final part of a tour should be the souvenirs hunting part, right?

Just drop by at the Kancil Souvenir Shop and hunt for the gifts to bring home.

Map to Zoo Negara

Zoo Negara’s official website :

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