Top 5 Travel Tips – Eye Opening Vacation and International Travel Tips

Before we jump let me point out that I not going to cover the typical surface travel tips. Instead we are going cover the principle travel tips and discover what mind set is needed to gain the best experience wherever you go.

Some of these travel tips will be hard for you to apply but after 8 years of traveling the world I have found these 5 travel tips to become a motto and guideline for me. I hope that you take them in and really consider them the next time you take off to gain more experiences.

Travel Tips #1 – Be open and don’t plan everything out:

“Do it with the locals.” This is a huge travel tip to follow when traveling. You can never beat the knowledge of a local and I would highly suggest to avoid sitting at your computer and trying to figure everything out.

The KEY is to get a few travel tips about the area. The next step is to myspace or facebook some locals down there and ask them what’s cool and if you could meet up for a day or two to have some local fun with them. Most locals will love this opportunity and the experiences you have from that are priceless. I still remember a time in the Brazil where I did this and ended up in some tribe in the Amazon being taught Capawara by a Capawara Master. I could have never planned that from a desktop.

Travel Tips #2 – Immerse yourself in the culture:

Everyday you should be trying something new but more importantly you should constantly be stepping out of your comfort zone.

One of the best travel tips I can give you is this “Give yourself all the experiences you can h.” Experiences are directly relate to your personality and ultimately the quality of life you are going to have.

Here’s some interesting information. When you’re out of your comfort zone you fall into what’s called the state of dissonance. The body and minds goal is to become comfortable again so as it starts to eliminate the state of dissonance and creates comfort again. When this process happens the body mind and expands, personality grows, lessons are learned and you can now handle more situations in life. Next time you travel try not to create a home away from home and instead let whereever you are at impact you.

Travel Tips #3 – Chose your travel companions wisely:

This travel tip is an all encompassing principle in life. It has become apparent in these last few years of traveling that the quality of life and our fulfillment and happiness is greatly effect by the support and relationships around us.

I have seen to many travelers take off on a journey with someone that shares the same dream to travel but completely different lifestyle and it ruining the trip for them. The sad part is you find these people in amazing place completely involved in this drama scene instead of being involved in the beauty and culture.

The moment this became apparent was 3 years ago in Costa Rica. I was sitting on the beach in a surf town named Montezuma. The sun was beginning to set and it was one of those perfect conditions for a beautiful one.

While sitting there a hostel roommate sat down next to me and after a few questions about his travel he began to release all of this built up baggage he was holding in about his travel companion. While sitting there watching this beautiful sun set I realized he had no clue it was happening. The truth is not everyone is a good travel companion for you but when you do travel with the right one your traveling and experiences are going to be 100 times better.

Travel Tips #4 – Tie up any loss ends and disconnect from your life at home:

Technology was supposed to give us freedom and instead it has started to control us. Most people can’t go more then three days with out checking email or their personal site, 5 minutes with out responding to a text message and a few days with out checking in with their peeps.

The point to catch here is where ever you are physically at in life is REALITY. Anything that’s in not present such as home, old friends, family, old lifestyles is a memory and more importantly only a thought. There is a famous quote I love to reflect on:

“You can clutch the past so tightly to your chest that it leaves your arms too full to embrace the present.” ~Jan Glidewell

This is a very important principle in life and travel. You have a certain amount of energy a day, you can either place that energy on a thought in your head or you can place it on the experiences in the present. Where you consistently place your energy will determine who you are and how much fulfillment you get out of life.

Travel Tips #5 – Focus more on the experience then a trophy picture to show your friends:

This travel tip ties into travel tip #4. What I always find fascinating is the amount of people that go out traveling just to take pictures and show them off to their friends back home. Pictures are great for reflection and to keep your memory bank full of good moments and they are not good when it turns into competition and distractions from the moment.

Bonus Travel Tip – Don’t over pack

This is the simple travel tip but it shocks me how much happier I am when I apply this. Ten pair of shorts, 20 shirts, your favorite 3 pairs of shoes and your massive bag of everything you could possible need is what I call unnecessary and mental hassle to take care of.

I prefer to buy cloths along the way to better immerse my self in the culture and to pack light with one the top 10 necessities. This makes your more mobile and free from lugging that useless crap around. Next time you travel consider writing a list of the 10 thing that are the most important things to have on your travel and let go of the rest.

After 8 years of traveling I found these travel tips to be of up most importance. As I was saying before some of these are going to be hard to apply but if you decided put the effort in an apply these travel tips you are going to find yourself having more experiences and more fulfilling adventures.

Author: Tyson Hale
Article Source:

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